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buying and selling houses
How to buy and sell at the same time
14 March 2018

Selling our home, for most of us, means buying a new one at the same time. With chains involved and two lots of paperwork to juggle, the process can feel overwhelming.

With the aim of making moving home as simple and stress free as possible, we have put together our five-step guide to buying and selling at the same time.

Guide to buying home
Your step-by-step guide to buying a home
27 February 2018

Finding the perfect place to call home can be difficult. From finding a home you can afford, to getting the best mortgage deal, there is plenty to consider.

To help you, we have come up with our step-by-step guide to buying a home…

Step-by-Step guide to selling your home
09 February 2018

Often cited as one of life’s most stressful events, moving home can be both challenging and emotional.

sell my home before I buy a new one
Should I sell my home before I buy a new one?
04 January 2018

There is no doubt about it, moving to a new house can be a stressful time. It therefore pays to do all you can to minimise any stress from the outset. This could include getting organised with any paperwork relevant to your property, finding a trusted property solicitor and decluttering your home ready for the big move.

Is buying a property right for you
Is buying a property right for you?
22 December 2017

According to the Home Owners Alliance, 86% of people in Britain want to own their home1. Yet thanks to rising property prices and the large deposits required to get on the housing ladder, for many people, home ownership is difficult to achieve.

If, however, you have your deposit and a mortgage in principle and are ready to begin your property search, how can you be sure that buying is the right choice for you?