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Step-by-Step guide to selling your home

Often cited as one of life’s most stressful events, moving home can be both challenging and emotional.

With lots to think about and do, it is little wonder that home movers can become overwhelmed by the process. However, to help demystify home moving, at Smith Partnership Move we have come up with a step-by-step guide to selling your home…

  1. Get your property ‘for sale’ ready
    Aim to look at your home objectively, could it benefit from a declutter? Are there any jobs to be done which you have put off? Be sure to tackle these things to ensure you get the very best price for your home.

  2. Choose your estate agent
    Whether you choose to sell your home through a local or online estate agent, get a couple of valuations to get the clearest indicator of what your house is worth. To get a sense of the property market, ask prospective agents about recent property sales they have handled in your area and how long they took to sell.

  3. Appoint a solicitor
    Your property solicitor or conveyancer will handle all aspects of your sale and your next property purchase too, so it is important you feel you will work well together. When choosing a solicitor ask for a quote and establish how your prospective solicitor likes to communicate to see whether that suits you.

  4. Start to view other properties
    For many house sellers this is a tricky time. With your house up for sale, but without an offer on it, you are not in a position to make an offer on another property. Keeping up with the current market is always a good idea however. So, viewing properties in advance could see you perfectly positioned to make an offer on a property as soon as you are able.

  5. Start to sort through your belongings
    Over the years we all accumulate stuff. Before the moving date is set, take the time to go through your belongings and box up as much as you can to save you doing a last-minute pack come moving day.

  6. Accept an offer
    You may have had many or just a few, but once a viewing leads to an offer you need to decide whether to accept it. If it is below your asking price, discuss with your estate agent whether it is a reasonable offer. Next, look at your finances, what will accepting less mean for your next step?

  7. Make an offer on a property you wish to buy/rent
    With your mortgage in place and an offer accepted on your current property it is time to get serious about viewing prospective properties.

  8. Liaise with your solicitor on contracts etc.
    Throughout the process be sure to stay in touch with your solicitor and respond to queries and requests as soon as possible in order to keep things moving along.

  9. Get a removal price
    Invite a few removal companies to give you a quote to pack and move your belongings. While at this stage you may not have a definite moving date, ask your solicitor for a guide to work towards and ask potential moving firms about their availability around this date.

  10. Move out
    Hurrah! Moving day is here. Before you leave be sure to take a meter reading and pack essentials such as toiletries, tea bags and a kettle in an easy to access place so that even in the chaos of moving you can still make a cup of tea in your new home!

  11. And finally…
    Complete the move by settling your solicitor and estate agent fees and then relax and enjoy your new home.

Here at Smith Partnership Move we deal with all kinds of property transactions, guiding our clients through the process to ensure their investment is protected. To find out more about the range of conveyancing services we offer, call 0330 123 1229.