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Spruce Up Your Home and Speed Up the Sale

Home Improvement

Quick and Easy Ways to Impress Buyers and Push Sales

Selling your home for a good price sometimes seems like an uphill battle, but with a little care and a keen eye, you can ensure your house sale is a success. Here are a few ways to improve your property price and impress prospective buyers.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is all-important when selling your home. How does your property look from the street? Be critical, and ask yourself how your house compares to your neighbours. Tidying the garden, applying a fresh lick of paint, or adding accessories can increase the appeal of your home’s first impression. Another useful tip is to take a photo of your house in black and white before doing any work. Without colour, you’ll notice the cracks and flaws as they are much easier to notice. Curb appeal doesn’t just count for the front of your house. Prospective buyers will scrutinise everything so make sure the sides and back are just as impressive.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter prevents visitors from seeing the space and potential of your property, so get rid of the clutter before bringing in prospective buyers. While bits and pieces may remind you of your holidays or a family friend they don’t allow people to imagine what they would do with the space. While removing clutter is important don’t remove everything from your home as this makes it feel too clinical, pick a few pieces that add character without taking up too much of the room. Furniture is a major sticking point for clutter, with big furniture absorbing much of the space on show. If possible, swap out bulky pieces for lighter ones to enhance the space of your home.

Fix Up and Tidy Up

Repair all the little jobs you’ve left for too long. Fill and paint old holes in the walls, replace tired looking tiles or carpets, and other little things. All these small, cost-effective actions will have a snowball effect and increase the value and popularity of your home. Cleaning is the next step to reaching your target figure. Clean all the surfaces and floors to make your rooms look appealing to prospective buyers. If you have a garden it is also worth tidying shrubs, beds, lawns and the like. Buyers will consider the state of the garden when deciding a price so make sure the outside matches the inside.

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve done all the above it’s time to add a few extras. Mirrors are often employed in smaller rooms to give a sense of space and light. Light is a huge part of buying a home so advertise all you have. Change old or dead lightbulbs and add lamps to dark corners. To prepare for a house showing make sure you’ve treated any bad smells or odours the property might have. Bad smells are quick to drive away prospective buyers so ensure all drains and bins are cleared before showing your home. An extra tip to is to bake before buyers arrive or brew a fresh pot of coffee. As the aroma permeates your home it will be easier for buyers to imagine themselves in your home. Employing a reputable estate agent will ensure any house show goes off without a hitch. With expertise in selling homes they know where and what to highlight to prospective buyers. Estate agents are also the best informed to answer questions about the buying process and other tricky topics.

Online Profile

In today’s digital world, the power of the internet cannot be underestimated. Posting your property to digital portals is key to getting prospective buyers interested. As such, ensure your online profile is just as impressive as your home. Take lots of high-quality photos and write a detailed description of your property. An often-overlooked aspect is the neighbourhood. Adding a few photos and information of local points of interests such as monuments, schools, shops, and the like can give buyers a sense of the lifestyle they can lead. Finally, it can also be helpful to be flexible with your viewing times. The more opportunities buyers have to view your property the more exposure your home will get. Employing these little steps can impress buyers and allow them more opportunities to view your home. From impressing online to impressing on the curb, these small, cost-effective, easy jobs are good ways to improve the asking price and speed up the sale of your home.