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How long does conveyancing take with no chain?

Up there with divorce and changing career, moving home can be a challenging time. Besides the costs of moving, other stress factors can include dealing with paperwork, packing up memories and sales falling through. Of course, it isn’t all doom and gloom, moving can also be an exciting time; representing a move up the ladder, a new addition to the family or setting up home for the first time.

A major frustration people feel when buying and selling a property is the length of time it takes and often the first question conveyancers are asked is, “How long will it take?”

Potential delays when moving home

Unfortunately, there are lots of ways in which a house move can be delayed. A common delay is the property chain, which can be complex. From sellers who can’t find somewhere to move to, to financing further up the chain falling through, there is a whole host of reasons that can see moves delayed or sales fall through - something that is particularly frustrating for first-time buyers who are at the start of the chain!

Other potential delays include:

  • Mortgage lenders taking longer than expected in issuing the mortgage offer
  • Delays in accessing the property for the purpose of a survey
  • Problems uncovered with the survey
  • Searches taking too long
  • Delays in receiving paperwork from the other party’s solicitor
  • Seller unable to find a suitable property

How to avoid time delays

While you can’t plan for other people, you can organise yourself to ensure that any delays are not of your making.

This could include pulling together any and all paperwork relating to your property, so it is to hand when needed. Don’t forget to include any guarantees and other certification, such as for the boiler or windows.

You can also help the process along by being as available as possible, this includes responding quickly to emails/messages from your conveyancer and granting access to surveyors.

Do your homework before you commit to a property by selecting your conveyancer beforehand, this will save time once a sale is agreed.

When to book the removal van

Much of the stress associated with moving is because there is much to be planned and organised but most of it can’t be done until the last minute! With life ‘on hold’ until the move goes ahead, it is little wonder that conveyancers are under pressure to confirm how long the whole process will take.                                                 

While putting an accurate timescale on how long conveyancing will take is difficult, average timescales to consider when there is no chain is around six to ten weeks, depending on whether the property is freehold or leasehold. For moves involving property chains the timescale is much harder to predict as it depends on how many properties the chain includes.

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